Greg Dolan

Since the age of 6 Greg has been entrenched in the world of sailing and boating. His knowledge of mechanics, repair and racing is extensive. He's known as a true artist in his craft. Greg's passion is helping others experience a love of the water. Although he spends most of his time working on other people's boats you can immediately capture his smile and big heart when you find him on the water. It's captured him hook, line and sinker!


pamela pearson

Pamela learned to sail at summer camp when she was 8 and always wanted the boats that were light and fast. No wonder she gets along so well with Greg! Pamela oversees all the marketing and operations for Seacoast Specialty Marine. Although she enjoys the water her 1st passion was equestrian sports. She's very competitive and has won awards around the globe. Yet another reason her and Greg are a match. When not running things behind the scenes you'll find her teaching others about living a healthy lifestyle and working with animals. Another passion!


Freya & Kismet

What's a shop without a shop-dog or two! We're thrilled to welcome Freya (left) (means Goddess of love, beauty and Destiny) a female Bernese Mountain Dog born January 2016 and Kismet (right) (means fate or Destiny) a male Bernerdoodle born November 2017 to our crew. Freya and Kismet were adopted from a rescue in Indiana. They grew up together and we think they may be 1/2 siblings. They have hugs paws and huge hearts and are here to greet you when you stop by!



If you've been to our office or met us on the road you've likely met Destiny! She's an angel and stolen the heart of more than one of our clients! Whether in the shop or on the water Destiny was eager to be by our side. For a Bernese Mountain Dog she was ironically very fond of the water. Destiny transitioned to her forever home on July 21 2017 and is dearly missed by all. RIP